Horse Community

The Horse Community is totally free and enables you meet and interact with other Horse Lovers and Equine Enthusiasts in your area or around the world. Our Equine Community / Social Networking software is like YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Odeo, and Flickr, all in one powerful and easy to use package and it's dedicated exclusively to "Anything and Everything Horses". You can share Horse Videos and Horse Photos, create/join Horseback Riding Clubs, schedule/attend Equine Events or Horse Shows, create/join Horse Healthcare Forums, Horse Training Forums, or even start your own Equine Blog. The possibilities are truly endless and although the complete list of totally free features provided by our Equine Community are far too numerous to list, below is a brief summary of several of the most important and exciting features.
  • Personal Horse Blogs
  • Friends List / Guestbook
  • Support of Multiple Languages
  • Personal Mailbox
  • Quick / Advanced Member Search
  • Shared Equine Event Calendars
  • Horse Forums and Instant Messaging
  • Online "Live-Chat" System
  • Customizable Member Profile View
  • Personal / Shared Photo & Video Galleries
  • Member Profile / Photo Ratings
  • Top-rated Profile / Photo Lookup
  • Interactive "White Board" Feature
  • Total anonymity / Member Block Feature

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