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Pat Miran - I grew up in Bellevue, Washington and began riding horses at an early age. My parents bought a pony when I was five and by the time I reached 9 or 10 I was spending a lot of time riding. Our neighbors had horses too.  My sister and I rode with a group of girls from the neighborhood. At 13, I joined the Hazelwood Peacemakers 4-H Club which was a large teen-club. The club coordinated a lot of exciting activities for their members. We put on Play Days which included events such as barrel racing, poles, jumping, keyhole and relay racing. I also participated in the Enumclaw County Fair, rode in parades and performed with our drill team at the Ellensburg Rodeo in Ellensburg, WA.  When I was 15, I bought a half-Arab, 6 month old filly, and when she was old enough I trained her to ride. After graduating from college the horses were sold, I married and moved away from horses.  My daughter, Emma, always wanted to learn how to ride so when she graduated from college I found a stable near us that gave lessons. At Windy Ridge Stables located near Waverly, NY, we took English Hunt Seat/Jumping lessons with Veda Tupy the coach for the Binghamton University Equestrian Team. I had forgotten how much I loved horses. Through a friend I met Connie, her beautiful Standardbred Pepper and her Paint/Standardbred CJ. Since then I have leased Pepper and had lots of fun training CJ. I enjoy the fellowship of other riders, the friendly atmosphere at the stables, Horse Heaven, and the beauty of Roundtop Park in Pennsylvania. My blog 2talkhorses.com is anything and everything about horses, riding and the people I meet along the way.
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