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About Us: We are originally from Tennessee where we never thought of our horses as “One” discipline horses. We used our horses as all around horses and exposed them to anything and everything. We generally started all our horses out to harness. Pulling breaking sleds all over the mountain pass then on to the wagons. Saddles came after that process was complete. We grew up going on countless wagon trains where we experienced a lot of good and bad horses along with their riders. We took pride in being able to always rely on our horses to have the best work attitudes and best behavior. We would generally have competitions at some of the wagon trains where we would have sled races….usually a two man team while horses galloping dragging a sled to each section to load sled to move to the next section. We brought a lot of ribbons home. The one thing I noticed was that there were a lot of crazy horses that these old timers owned. I realized as I got older that wasn’t the case…it was crazy horse owners, lol. They meant well of course, it was just tradition that had been passed down to them. I started taking mental notes as to what to do and what not to do. I started my own approach with trying to build relationships with our horses and most old timers said that was wrong…”they will not respect you if you train them that way!” Funny thing was my horses were always quieter,safer, more responsive and more respectful than theirs. As a kid I would load up my saddle bags with snacks and water and head out to ride up in the mountains. Me and our horses would cross streams, wildlife, big mountain cliffs and sleep under the stars and moonlight. It was a way of life I wouldn’t have traded for nothing! Funny story- My father reminded me of a few years back. He said one day I came home from school and I said, “Daddy, I feel so sorry for those kids at school…He asked son why is that….I replied –Daddy they don’t have horses and don’t get to know what it is to live as a horseman.” My dad just laughed and said well son that is why our life is special. . I believe that horses made me what I am in life and brought me closer to God. Lying beneath the stars as a kid I would stare and think how great God was to enable me to have the relationships with my horses and see Gods awesome universe he built in a blink of an eye. As a father myself today and as a mentor to others I realize that the way I grew up is a dying way and I am a really old spirit inside a midlife man. I do my best to expose my children to at least a portion of the life I lived through horses and other experiences. It just gives me awesome enjoyment to see the kids go catch up the horses and have their friends over and go ride all over the country side. I show them the same ways of training as I perform and they all know Daddy is a stickler for riding every horse the same way. NO BAD HABITS PLEASE!!! With all this said I would like to first say, no I do not consider myself a cowboy or other entitlement….I’m just a horseman from birth. I come by it honestly and hope to keep the tradition alive through my children and their children. So we hope that you can experience good horses that we raise and sell for whatever discipline you require. Even if we don’t have the horse of your dreams…we do not mind helping you as a broker find that special horse. Thank you from myself and my family at Bacons Quarter Horses!
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