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Our mission is to create small, refined, colorful miniature horses with elegant movement that can win in the show ring at the national/world level in both halter and performance classes. Our ultimate goal is to create the perfect all around miniature horse in a colorful package. Conformation and way of movement are always top priority in our breeding program. We are currently focusing on dark colored appaloosa patterned horses, however, we do occasionally have other colors and patterns available.
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We took Rocketman out for a spin the other day and took some video of him. Check out his you tube video here: Rocketman is a very well put together 2yo colt and will rocket straight into the winners circle for yo
Darkstar · 2353 days ago

I would like to share this video of our foal Darkstars Orion Prodigy. The file size is to big for the video section on this site so here is a link to the video on you tube: Miniature horses can be a lot of fun. I
Darkstar · 2365 days ago

My Name is Ron Kurtz and I have been raising miniature horses since 1998. I started out with 2 appaloosa mares and currently have about 30 miniatures. I have always put conformation, disposition, and movement ahead of any color or pattern in our breeding p
Darkstar · 2365 days ago
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