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  •  Don: 
    Yes they were both our horses and we born here on our ranch in southern Missouri. We still own Gracie and we sold Cloud a couple years ago (on WikiHorseWorld of course). Cloud now has an incredible home in Parkville Missouri and his new owner is a very experienced horse women who is head over heels in love with him.
     1576 days ago 
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  •  livinghorses: 
    Photo of cloud and gracie is too cute. Are they yours?
     1747 days ago 
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Hi! My name is Don Balton and I am the CEO of Dream World Technology Inc. which is the company that owns and operates I am also a hopeless horse addict. We have tried very hard to design to be the very best Horse related Website on the Internet and we hope you think we've succeeded. I grew up in Chicago Illinois and pursued a career in technology. I've had a very diverse background and I've worked as a design engineer, engineering manager and Director of Research and Development. I've previously held many director level positions in R&D, Marketing, and Sales at companies such as 3Com, USRobotics, and Gandalf Technologies. I got married to the love of my life (Linda) in 1996 and you guessed it, she's another hopeless horse addict. In 2001, we decided to make our dreams come true and we bought a 214 acre horse ranch in southern Missouri (near Springfield). Here we breed and sell Missouri Fox Trotter horses and we currently have 7 horses; three of which are for sale. We also occasionally breed and sell red angus cattle and board horses for others. In early 2007, we became frustrated trying to sell our horses using many of the other horse websites on the web and we decided we could do it better. So, with our passion for horses and my passion for technology, was born. Soon afterward we hired Jason Walker, our exceptionally gifted webmaster, and the three of us, with the help of countless others, officially launched on June 1st 2009. Over the past several years, like a fine bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, WikiHorseWorld has improved dramatically with age. We've now become one of the fastest growing horse websites on the web and we're accruing more and more members every day. Horses and is our passion and we hope they are both your passion as well. We've tried very hard to include all the horse related products, services and features (all under 1 roof) that true horse lovers and horse professionals expect and deserve. We hope you enjoy your experience on and please feel free to contact me personally anytime if you have any suggestions on how we may better serve you. Please enjoy the Website......Best Regards........don
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Well, our website has only been live for about 3.5 months and we're already experiencing tremendous growth.  We're already averaging several hundred visits per day and are quickly approaching the important milestone of signing up our 100th member. Ja
Don · 2829 days ago
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