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This group was created for everyone who can appreciate ponies. Ponies are intelligent, hardworking, family friends that can sometimes be bold and mischievous but usually once a pony enters a family they never leave! This page is for any breed of pony and mix-breed also. A pony is measured up to 14.2…
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1766 days ago · From IceTeaLover
This group was created for anybody and everybody who enjoys english riding (to include dressage, cross country, hunting, showjumping, etc.) to come together and discuss and share their experiences. All photos and video's welcome. 
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1766 days ago · From IceTeaLover
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Well, Im 21 and have been riding for about 11 years and working with horses for over four. I'm very interested in Nutrition, anatomy and physiology so naturally i like the veterinary side of things :). Away from horses though I like reading and if I had the money I would most likely be travelling right now!! I don't have a horse of my own- I got a car instead, but I find it a lot faster and you stay dry in the rain!
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