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  •  LundstromHorse: 
    Happy Friday everyone! Here is a link to a nice article written about equine insurance. Myself and another agent contributed. Hope you enjoy! http://www.examiner.com/horse-in-ro ckford/equine-insurance.
     2258 days ago 
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  •  LundstromHorse: 
    Hello everyone! I really look forward to connecting with you and would love the opportunity to assist you with your equine insurance needs. Also, keep in mind that I also focus on overall commercial insurance needs of local businessowners. As an agency, we have specialized departments dedicated to Commercial Insurance, Employee Benefits, Personal Lines Insurance and Individual Life Insurance. Thanks!!
     2262 days ago 
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I am 27 years old and live in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. I am a licensed insurance agent working at Lundstrom Insurance Agency in Elgin, Illinois. I have been in the insurance field for over 5 years and am an avid animal lover and sports junkie. We have developed a focused specialty for equine insurance, including mortality, liability, horse shows/clubs and farm/ranch policies. We offer a variety of carrier partners and pride ourselves on providing unbeatable service. I look forward to helping you with any and all insurance needs!
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By LundstromHorse · 2262 days ago
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