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1233 days ago
Working with horses is a special gift, I love being able to go out and see what things need to be done to the horse I ride he is something special, he suprises me when he decides to go on by himself, I miss riding him, he is a great horse, yet he isn't mine
1233 days ago
R.I.P. Katie bug i miss you already baby girl i love you so much now your in Horse heaven hills with the other horses who have passed away from illness.Katie you were my world, i miss you so much baby bug, i need you here. I don't understand why you had to go. It wasn't your time to go baby bug, you made me smile every time you met me at the gate. You made me laugh at the things you did, i would think about you all night. I hope you have a great time in horse heaven hills with the other horses an stay beautiful baby bug i love you
1275 days ago
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I have been riding for 3 1/2 years, I have owned three horses in the past 9 months, I love riding with my best friend, im 17, I live with my mom and little brother, I love to read, I work with one horse at a friends house.
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