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  •  Donba: 
    Beautiful Horse! Has a blue eye right? Are there two blue eyes or just one?
     2263 days ago 
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I am always ready to do something exciting and new. I love the outdoors and all animals. I am one of those people who needs to know more about the animal before I buy it cause being ignorant of the breed or type can lead to injuries and sometimes death. I have handled different types of non-venomous reptiles for years. :) But horses are one of my favorites. Gypsy vanners and Fox trotters! <3
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Amun-Ra was born 06/06/2011 at 8:30pm. He came as a blessing and surprise. He was born healthy that is what matters.       He is a cross between an APHA mare and a spotted mountain horse. He is my joy. I was there from the moment my mare went into labor to
Southernfoxbell · 2197 days ago

  Hi! this is me just randomally talking about gypsies. They have so many names and everyone has a different experience and POV of them, its amazing and exciting.   I go and email different breeders and ask them their experience with the gypsy breed, some
Southernfoxbell · 2273 days ago

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By Southernfoxbell · 2272 days ago
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