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Amun-Ra was born 06/06/2011 at 8:30pm. He came as a blessing and surprise. He was born healthy that is what matters.


    He is a cross between an APHA mare and a spotted mountain horse. He is my joy. I was there from the moment my mare went into labor to when he was birthed and cleaned.  He is my very first foal in general and he is my beloved Ra. His name came later after naming him Blazin' Gold Outlaw cause of his huge blaze which after getting to know him was not a fitting name. So I spent a good few days thinking I fell in love with the name Ra, as in the egyptian god of sun.. so I plan to try and register him with it. He will be gelded in a year.


 He is the sweetest spunky colt I have ever met. his dam is amazingly good compared to what we have been told about how she acts with people and her foals. She has allowed me to work with him without fault she does get upset fast when we moved them from one stall to another she tossed her head getting me in the cheek leaving a small bruise but she was all upset about her and him moving. I laughed when she did it.

  He is a gorgeous golden color with a single sock since it is just shy of being a stocking. He has a blaze that coves most of his face leaving only an inch of gold on his face around the top part of his face by his ears the blaze ends under his chin. He got his blaze from his Dam. He has 2 blue eyes much like both his parents.


  He is the fourth foal born from The cremello tobiano stallion. He is the 2nd colt born this year but the only solid foal of this stallion which is unique cause his other foals were tobiano or tovero.


I am naming him "The Sun God Amun-Ra" or atleast it all depends on the registry :) His other 2 names I am going to put in there is "The Golden Gemini" and "The Hidden Treasure."


If you have any name ideas I would love to hear them I am still working on the paperwork. :)


Southernfoxbell · 2197 days ago
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  •  Linda: 
    Just a suggestion... if you have trouble getting the name of "The Sun God Amun-Ra" you might try adding an "h" to Ra (e.g. Rah) which would allow you to get the name in without changing the pronunciation. Definitely love your top pick name. Good luck.
     2194 days ago 
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  •  Linda: 
    Love the name "The Sun God Amun-Ra"!
     2194 days ago 
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