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Cheat Sheet of Basic Equestrian Apparel

clothing.jpgHorse riding is not just about adopting a steed and practicing on riding it in ways that are both artistic and safe. Horse riding requires skill and the correct manner of dressing. One must learn to take care of a horse and also to secure the fundamental equestrian clothing needed for horseback riding.


The industry of equestrian apparel can prove to be taxing and perplexing for there are countless equestrian merchandise in the market that claim to be the best in equestrian fashion. Know the basics of equestrian clothing and be able to make a wise decision when you decide to purchase the products.


Riding Boots

Horseback riding requires a specific pair of boots that are made for riding. One cannot just pull out boots from any store because he/she thinks that it will function just similar to the boots that equestrians use. Riding boots are specially made for horseback riding competitions if you plan to engage in such hobby or sport. There are two kinds of riding boots - Jodhpur boots and long boots. The Jodhpur boots are specifically designed to be paired with jodhpurs and gaiters or chaps in order to prevent rubbing or pinching of your legs. Long boots on the other hand, are designed for pairing with breeches.



Although these pair of trousers have been noticed in fashion shows worn by runway models, breeches are primarily built for horseback riding. Breeches enable one to move unrestricted whilst positioned on the saddle and improve one's performance while riding and it then terminates inches above ankle level. Breeches, as mentioned earlier, are particularly made to wear with long riding footwear.


Jodhpur Boots

Jodhpurs quite resemble similarly with that of the breeches. The minor variation is that they end at the ankle level rather than inches above the ankle and are designed to be used with short Jodhpur boots.



Wearing the proper and effective riding gloves will enhance your grip on the horse and enables you to have maximum control over the horse. It prevents your hands from slipping and also shelters them from chilly temperatures - which are the cause of skin blisters and scratches.


Reflective Apparel

Reflective clothing functions similar to what traffic policemen wear- it makes you visible to other road users so that they will be able to maneuver to avoid you and prevent an accident from occurring.


Now that you know the basics of equestrian clothing, it is important to be fashionable when wearing such apparel. The color theme must match and complement each other. Coats, jackets, breeches, riding gloves, breeches, pants, upper wear, and shirts must be colour coordinated. Like for example, a pleasing trendy coat is clothing that blends well with the rest of the ensemble while not overpowering other parts of the clothing apparel.

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Cheat Sheet of Basic Equestrian Apparel
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