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Checklist for Youth Horse Riding Camp

My neice just got back from horse riding camp and she had a great time. I found this article on and thought maybe someone else may find it handy:


Do you have a child who loves being around horses? They enjoy the sights, sounds and experiences of everything equine. Horse camp may be the perfect getaway for them. Horse camps are a great introduction to kids for a basic knowledge of horsemanship as well as beginning riding instruction for a new rider or improving the skills of an existing rider. Campers get to learn about horses, horseback riding, tack and general horse care. By working with horses and performing equine activities. Kids get to improve not only their knowledge about horses, but also their self-esteem, self-respect, and self-discipline.

It is important to make sure your little camper has high-quality riding equipment to help ensure a positive and safe experience at horse camp. Most camps provide a list of required standard equipment along with suggested equipment recommendations for the attendee to bring with them. Some of the more essential items include:

  • Personal items such as soaps, toothbrush, etc. – Personal care items like soaps and toothbrushes should always be the first items packed. It is always a good idea to call ahead and find what type amenities the camp provides such as towels, etc.
  • Helmet - In most instances, campers are required to bring a certified ATSM-SEI approved horse riding helmet to help protect them from falls, impact, and accidents. Riding helmets are required for all horse riding activities, from show jumping to general riding and stable work.
  • Boots – Camps typically do not provide their campers with riding boots. It is the camper’s responsibility to bring a pair of paddock boots, tall boots, half chaps or whatever type of approved riding footwear they are most comfortable wearing.
  • Fly Spray – Flies and other insect pests can make an otherwise enjoyable experience completely miserable for both the camper and the horse. Centaura fly spray can provide long-lasting repellent protection from flies, mosquitoes and ticks for both horse and rider.
  • Lunch Bag – The rider in training will surely be hungry for a good lunch after a fun-filled morning of riding and other activities. A good lunch bag keeps their food cold and safe.
  • Sunscreen - Protection from the sun's harmful UV rays is often a first priority. Campers spend an ample amount of time outdoors so being overexposed can happened; so it's recommended campers apply sunscreen frequently. No one wants to nurse sunburn when there are so many fun activities to enjoy.

Horse camp is an experience a child will never forget. If you know someone who loves horses, horse camp is a great opportunity to learn and have fun with other people who love horses.


For more information on this article, I recommend reading it here.

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Checklist for Youth Horse Riding Camp
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