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Dust in the Wind, My Eyes and Everywhere Else

The recent dry and drought like weather has turned the stable where I ride into a giant dustbowl. After an afternoon in the saddle, I’m covered head to toe in dust, especially my boots. I love my riding boots too; I hate to see them get so dirty. My instructor tells me that dirty boots are a sign that you are doing something right. I just think they are too nice to be so dirty.


I’ve been searching for a few ways to keep them clean and in good condition. However, I never realized there were so many ways to care and clean for riding boots. For example, I’ve applied leather conditioner and a water protector but I never thought of cleaning of using a toothbrush to get those smaller, hard to reach places. I have so much to learn! had a helpful article on Western boot care and I also found this video from Howcast. I hope you find them as helpful as I did.


I also need to invest in a good pair of sunglasses or riding goggles because of the dust. Yesterday at work, all my coworkers thought I spent the entire night out because my eyes were so bloodshot from the dust. While it was funny to joke about, it wasn’t funny to stare at my computer for hours with tired, red eyes. My instructor said a good pair of sunglasses will do the job but I think I’d like something with a little more protection and durability. What do you do suggest I do?


Well I have another lesson later this week. Hopefully, the weather won’t be as hot, windy and dusty as last time. Wish me luck!

Horsedotcom · 1798 days ago
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Dust in the Wind, My Eyes and Everywhere Else
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