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First Breath Of Winter

Who doesn't love a little ride in the snow? Down here in the South, the first breath of winter has blown on us and I am enjoying it, I can tell you that. The horses seem to like it, too. Who else has gotten a little snow lately? Who would have thought it would snow soo much down here. I know a lot of you guys up North are gonna be getting a lot of snow, hopefully a lot of rides in it, too! How many of you are looking forward to the Holidays? I know I am! Christmas makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. How many of you are NOT looking forward to the Holidays? I hope no one ;) I hope you all find presents under your tree and HORSE TREATS in your stockings! <3






FortLarnedForever · 1676 days ago
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  •  Linda: 
    I enjoy the winter too....Love to watch the horses run and play in the snow. It seems that they get a renewed energy from the cool winter air. Don't get to ride as often as I'd like though. Have a great Winter...........Linda
     1674 days ago 
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First Breath Of Winter
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