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  Hi! this is me just randomally talking about gypsies. They have so many names and everyone has a different experience and POV of them, its amazing and exciting.

  I go and email different breeders and ask them their experience with the gypsy breed, some are nice and just go on & on about them, then there are others who pretty much tell me off, something about wasting their time and such. I apologize and tell my husband about it. He says not everyone is a friend in the horse world even though I believe that they are. He may have a point but I still am polite and nice cause being just as nasty back doesn't really get you far in life.


  I have always loved draft horses since I was little, I was amazed at how big they were and how beautifully they moved. clysdales were just a mystery but I had fallen hard for Shires.. slowly through the years I came to love drafts more and more. Then a book about Gypsies fell into my lap besides the fact my family talks about them all the time since I am part gypsy myself. I read and soon come to realize what my family saw and cherished about them through books. I plan to own one. I would be the first gypsy in my family to own one again in 3 generations. So I have been reading all I can about them but the book trail is alot shorter then experiences cause they last a lifetime and so many people have helped in my knowledge about them besides my family.. Helping me be more perpared cause in the end, the only experience that can really talk for itself is the one you have with them in person as your own. So even though I am still learning and always will be learning me and my husband have agreed to get one. I am looking for the one who drops my jaw in awe besides in look but personality it has to click or it would  never work no matter how gorgeous he/she is.


  I could talk abotu horses all day if I could heh..


well thank you for listening to my random typing (babbling)


Happy Trails and Safe Journey.

Southernfoxbell · 2269 days ago
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  •  Donba: 
    How goes the hunt looking for a horse that "drops your jaw"?
     2236 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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  •  draxxon: 
    It's important to always be friendly with each other. I'm sorry you've had bad experiences talking with other horse enthusiasts. Hopefully you will find it to be much more friendly here. ;)
     2242 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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  •  SavannahBreeze: 
    I own Fox Trotters but always loved the Andalusian and Gypsy breeds. Both seem to be so graceful and flowing.
     2266 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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