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Introducing Aligned Body horsemanship

Introducing Aligned Body Horsemanship

"Amongst ingrained equestrian circles I became known as a bit of a maverick...but many horsey people "got" what I was saying, and gained amazing results with what I was teaching.  Eventually the number of people wanting to work with me, increased.   Aligned Body Confidence got results and made riding and working on the ground a whole lot easier ."
Aligned Body Confidence... in horsemanship is as simple as A B C.
It  highlights the importance of the correct use of your body, your core and posture; and how simple changes to these specific areas can benefit not just you but your horse.
Aligned Body Confidence... in horsemanship bridges the gap between groundwork and saddle work, so that what you do with your horse goes from being 90% physical and 10% mental to being 10% physical  and 90% mental for you. 
Your horse goes from being confused and worried to being allowed to do his job of carrying you, therefore it becomes 90% physical and 10% mental for your horse.   
Horsemanship and riding are by their very nature highly personal arts as its all about improving oneself, but to achieve this improvement you enlist the help of your horse....your horse becomes your training partner....
to learn more, contact me or visit  
Clelandhorseman · 1481 days ago
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Introducing Aligned Body horsemanship
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