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Making Horse Blankets Easier

horse-winter.gifDo you get flustered every fall when it’s time to break out the blankets for the horses?


I say that for two reasons. First it means that cold weather is on its way and anyone who knows me knows I HATE the winter and the cold and the snow. I’m getting a little depressed just thinking about it. I also dread going through my blankets and judging which ones are in good enough condition to make it through another winter and which ones should just be tossed.


I hate throwing away older blankets mainly because I always get a little confused as to where to begin measuring my horses for the right sizes as well as some of the terms used. Every year I have to look up the difference between Standard cut blankets and European cut blankets. I also never can remember how high of a denier do I need. I found this video that gives a decent explanation of winter blanket deniers.


Needless to say, I’m always on the hunt for a cheat sheet or guide that I could print up and hang up in the stable. Statelinetack has an informative horse blanket feature guide and it looks like a good deal of their info came from Horse & Rider Magazine. Does anyone have anywhere else I can check?

Horsedotcom · 1718 days ago
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Making Horse Blankets Easier
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