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Meet your Webmaster

I've been asked to tell you a little bit about myself, my love of horses, and WikiHorseWorld, so unfortunately for you, here goes. Wink



Tonka and I in the mid 1980's

My name is Jason Walker, and I currently work as Webmaster for My Mom loved horses, and though I never got into the business of breeding and showing them, I have been around horses all of my life. I was first placed on a horse as a passenger when I was just a few months old, soon learned to ride well on my own. Eventually, I learned enough to discover that I preferred to ride bareback. (I still do prefer to ride without any saddle or pad.)


As a young boy, I divided a lot of my time between playing with my computer, learning to write computer programs, and riding my paint pony, Tonka. I took some entry-level horsemanship classes at (then) West-Texas State University (now West-Texas A&M), which were taught by instructor Gary Marble, and loved to take trail rides in the country along the back-roads of the rural Texas plains.


When I was in my early teens, shortly after moving to a new state, we visited a local horse auction, and came across a couple of horses that were to be auctioned off. Two of the horses decided that they would prefer to come home with us than go on the auction floor. In this way, we were given the privilege of being adopted by two Quarter Horses - a gelding named Henry-Bob, and a Mare named Brandi. 


Henry, myself and my eldest son in 2003.

Henry was a more stolid, laid-back horse who loved to pretend that he was on his last leg whenever you first set out on a ride. Of course, on the way back to the barn, he probably would have given Secretariat a run for his money if you'd let him. Henry decided that he belonged to my Mom, which was fine with her since she always said that her balance wasn't as good, and that she liked a less spirited horse.


Brandi, on the other hand, loved to go. She loved to trot, gallop, and run if you'd let her, and had a lot more spirit in her. Of course, as a teen, this was more to my liking and we got along so well, that she decided to adopt me as her pet human.


As I grew older, my experience with computers increased. I had been programming computers as a hobby since I was 10 years old, and the hobby grew with my experience. I reached adulthood, moved out, and since a small backyard in the city doesn't make the best pasture, Brandi decided that she'd rather stay with my Mother and Henry on my Mom's property outside of Springfield, Missouri.



Brandi now.
(She hates the camera)

My hobby with computers grew into a business and, eventually, I was introduced to Don and Linda Balton who were wanting to create a brand new website that would be "Anything and Everything Horses". Though my current circumstances prevented me from owning a horse myself, this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Coming from a background of being around horses all of my life and loving them, WikiHorseWorld allowed me to combine my two passions, and I've been working with them full-time ever since.


Sadly, Henry passed away a few years ago, and Brandi is now 28 years old, but still going as strong as ever. continues to get better. We recently added 4 new classified ad types and are planning several additional new features within the coming months.


Hopefully I haven't bored you too much with my life story, I'll see you around the site.


-Jason Walker

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