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Move From Fear Towards Love with Anna Twinney and Melisa Pearce FREE Webinar

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Move From Fear and Towards Love

with Anna Twinney & Melisa Pearce 



Just a few hours away...... 


Tuesday, July 24th, 
7:00pm MST 
(9:00 pm EST, 6:00 pm PST) 




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Anna with horse

Melisa Pearce


Tuesday July 24th. . FREE tele-seminar with Melisa & Anna

The audio for the webinar will be on your computer 
speakers (VOIP). There will also be a OPTION of a dial in
number for those who are not near a computer that day.

Please join Melisa Pearce and Anna Twinney for this FREE WEBINAR 
on moving away from fear and towards love . . . through horses.  

Melisa and Anna met through their participation as contributing authors in the book Horse as Teacher, a Path to Authenticity. Discovering the commonality in their interpretation of horses and humans they have begun to work more closely together and today collaborate on several projects.

During this webinar Melisa and Anna will discuss and share how horses interpret our fear, their natural response and how they lead humans away from it when understood. Melisa will share about her experiences with horses claire-sentient abilities that she sees everyday as she partners with horses who emotionally heal humans through her Equine Gestalt tm process. Anna will be sharing as a Natural horse trainer who has traveled the world working with and studying horses behavior. She will share how they are effected in ways you may not even be aware of when you are working with them and what you can watch for with your horse. 

As we remember from the Course of Miracles . . . the opposite of love is fear. . . so how do we move toward love through our horses and how do we move toward love and away from fear while working with our horses?   

Listen to these two TOP professionals as they openly discuss their unique processes and share their vast experience and understanding of these emotions and partnering with horses.   


The webinar is FREE and ALL are welcome. . . feel free to give the number & link out to your friends!  AND both Melisa & Anna will answer a few listeners/viewers questions too!


Please remember to preregister and then log on a few minutes early to secure your spot :)




The webinar is on your computer and you will be able to listen to it over your computer speakers. You have the option to call in on the phone number that is included in the reminder email that you will get the day of the webinar.  


Tuesday evening

 July 24th

START TIME: 7:00 pm MDT. . . 

(that is 9:00 pm EDT, 6:00 pm PDT)


SW-X&IAbout Anna Twinney


Anna is an internationally recognized Equine Specialist, Natural Horsemanship Clinician, Animal Communicator and Reiki Master.  As the founder of the Reach Out to Horses® program, she remains on the cutting-edge of genuine, gentle communication techniques.


For over a decade Anna had been traveling the world teaching people of all disciplines how to work in the horse's language and create a trust-based partnership with their horse.


She has been featured on U.S. and international television, radio and podcast shows, and regularly contributes to national and international magazines.  She can be heard each week on her own podcast show, Reaching Out with Anna Twinney where she interviews partners and peers, legends and pioneers in the fields of equine behavior and training, animal communication, alternative healing methods and modalities, and more.


For more information about Anna and the comprehensive Reach Out to Horses® program        Reach Out to Horses - Trust... Partnership... Results...

Melisa PearceAbout Melisa Pearce


Creator and facilitator of Touched by a Horse, Melisa's techniques come from her history as a highly accomplished horsewoman, her coaching practice, and psychotherapy background. Melisa specializes in bringing forth and empowering inner qualities of the students through their connection to the horse.

She is the creator of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™ and has an 18 month Career Certification training program with students from all over the U. S.  

Melisa teaches through being with the horse, how to better understand yourself. Her methods of using your intuition, placing hands on the horse, and being able to get the horse to move by your words and intention are powerful tools to understanding. Her unique methods bring graceful breakthroughs from old patterns to new life affirming habits. 

For more information about Melisa and the Touched by a Horse™ Program visit


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Move From Fear Towards Love with Anna Twinney and Melisa Pearce FREE Webinar
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