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My Favorite Pieces of Essential Riding Apparel

2096950_f260.jpgHorseback riding has been a popular sport and a relaxing hobby for centuries; it is both exhilarating and captivating. It is a graceful activity, a pleasurable pastime, and an activity people of all ages and backgrounds can take pleasure. The world of equestrian clothing, however, can be daunting and bewildering as there are so many products out there.


Riding Boots - These are specifically designed for horse riding. There are two different types of riding boots that you can buy and these are either the long boots or the Jodhpur boots. Jodhpur boots are perfect if you wear them with a pair of jodhpurs and chaps or gaiters to prevent your legs from rubbing or pinching. Despite this, long riding boots are specifically designed to be worn with breeches.


Riding Hats - It is imperative that you own a riding hat or helmet if you are thinking of taking up riding as they are essential for safety purposes. In the unfortunate event of a fall the riding hat or helmet will help protect your head from this particular event. Wear these whilst you are around horses in case of an accident on the ground but be sure to wear them when you are in the saddle.


Breeches - These particular trousers are specifically aimed at riding, although they have been seen in recent fashions. Breeches allow full movement whilst you are in the saddle and enhance your performance whilst riding and stop just above the ankle - specifically designed for wearing with long riding boots.


There are two forms of breeches: knee patch breeches and full seat breeches. Knee patch breeches use an area of sturdy material on the inside of the knee that increases the horse riders grip. These breeches are often utilized by show riders, eventers and hunters. There are also full seat breeches that have sturdy material areas on the inner knee, inner thigh and across the seat of the trousers, this gives the horse rider much better grip in the saddle.


Jodhpurs - Jodhpurs are tight trousers for riding, made out of adaptable cloth which allows the rider to move easily and makes it possible for skin to breathe. Jodhpurs are designed to enhance the safety and comfort of the rider. There is often a patch of additional grip cloth about the knee which provides the horse rider increased stableness and a patch of grip material on the seat of the jodhpurs to keep the horse rider on their seat.


Riding Gloves - By wearing riding gloves you can boost your grip when riding your horse to prevent slipping and gives you more control over your horse. These can also be used to keep your hands warm in the colder weathers and foils against potential damage such as blisters and rubs.

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My Favorite Pieces of Essential Riding Apparel
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