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I'd like to apologize for the recent spam posts in the blog section. The accounts have been suspended, the posts removed, and we will continue to monitor the situation more closely in the coming weeks. Be advised that we monitor the website closely, and will remove any spam posts to any areas of


If you happen to see any spam posts, or inappropriate or offensive content on the site in any area, please click on the "Report a Bug", link in the Right-hand sidebar and select "Report Inappropriate or Offensive content" from the list of subjects. We will investigate the matter and if necessary, take action.


We understand that not every discussion that takes place on WikiHorseWorld will always be completely horse-related, and that there may be off-topic posts in the forums or blogs. However, multiple blatant posts that are obviously advertisements of spam-related material (you know the ones, we get them in our email inboxes all the time) will be removed, and the accounts will be banned as soon as they are discovered.


With your help, we can discover these posts even faster. Thanks for all of your hard work.


-Jason Walker

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draxxon · 2396 days ago
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  •  Langdon: 
    May I post a recent article from South Carolina Farmer magazine about a notice from the US Govt. of possible interest to women farmers and ranchers? It is about claims and the USDA loans. Here is my face book link to it: ra-r-langdon/notice-to-hispanic-or- women-farmers-/10150306726573340
     2116 days ago 
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12.01.2010 (2396 days ago)
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Spam posts and Inappropriate Content
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