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Stretch the Horse - Grooming & Farrier

I bought Stretch based solely on photographs and a brief description. Sure, it was well-respected 501 (c)(3) organization, but buying a horse off the internet doesn't rank highly on the list of smart things to do.

Stretch occasionally would stop and refuse to move. I know he knows better, but there's no point in getting upset with him. I just would pull-release, pull-release, pull-release until he got to the point where he figured it would just be easier for him to cooperate.

Once, he got the whole grooming-is-good concept, everything else came a pretty quickly. We really needed to work on picking up his feet, because they were in really bad shap and he needed a farrier pretty urgently. Used a soft rope to encourage him to pick up his feet and let me hold them up. Once the stomping and kicking subsided, he let me pick his feet and I scheduled the farrier.

Maybe he'd been trimmed before. Maybe he'd been trimmed on a tip table. But the facts now were he needed his feet done before we could begin lunging. His toes were so long, I was afraid he'd bow a tendon.

Farrier was very patient and worked nicely with Stretch. He got his feet done on the first visit. Three cracks  - one on each hind on the outside quarter and one on the front toe. My hope is that they will grow out.

Brought home big pieces of hoof for the dogs. At least they appreciated it!

treyzmama · 2598 days ago
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05.17.2010 (2598 days ago)
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Stretch the Horse - Grooming & Farrier
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