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Stretch the Horse - Intro

Stretch is a 1/4 Belgian 3/4 Quarter horse gelding, born in 2007 and adopted from a former PMU ranch in January 2010. He is my "project." I grew up riding horses, but now - at age 45 - I've been out of the horsy world since college. I found Stretch on a website and adopted him sight unseen. He arrived in January - just before my 45th birthday - halter broken and off a pasture in North Dakota.

Did I mention I live in Houston, Texas? Home of heat and humidity... The difference between North Dakota and Houston is like Antarctica and Sub-Saharan Africa. Well, maybe not quite that extreme, but close. North Dakota in January = below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, blizzards, frozen ground, freezing wind... Houston in January = cold, maybe just below freezing, snow once. Stretch arrived looking like a grizzly bear - long, shaggy coat and a wild look in his eyes. After all, he'd just been in a trailer for nearly 3 days.

I took the day off work to spend time with him. At first I could only touch him with the end of a lunge whip. Then I found his itchy spots! We were friends from that moment. I combed him mane an braided it so the breeze could reach his neck. Such a patient boy! More to come...

treyzmama · 2599 days ago
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  •  draxxon: 
    I can imagine that he had a lot of adjusting to do, going from ND to the high humidity of Houston. How is he doing now that the weather is getting warmer?
     2597 days ago 
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05.17.2010 (2599 days ago)
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Stretch the Horse - Intro
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