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We've had a great start !

Well, our website has only been live for about 3.5 months and we're already experiencing tremendous growth.  We're already averaging several hundred visits per day and are quickly approaching the important milestone of signing up our 100th member. Jason (our webmaster), myself, and the rest of the staff have been working very hard to insure that we deliver on our promise of becoming the finest horse website available. Since our initial launch on June 1, 2009 we've made lots of minor enhancements and bug fixes to the website along with three very notable major enhancements which are:

New Classified Layout Page

As you may already know, is the only major horse website which allows you to actually design the look and feel of your equine Classified Ad. All this magic is accomplished on the layout tab (layout page) when designing or editing any type of Classified Ad (e.g. Horse Ads or Equine Product, Service, or Event Ads). On the layout page you can now easily move and resize all the photographs, videos, and information boxes that comprise your Classified Ad. You can resize any box by clicking and dragging on the "grabber" in the lower right hand corner of any box (represented by 3 diagonal lines) and you can move a box by simply clicking on that box and dragging it to the desired location. Once you've got your Ad looking close to how you'd like, you can just click on our Align button to perfectly align all the photos and information boxes and in your Ad. If on the other hand you decide you'd like to abandon your changes, you can just click on "Reset Ad Layout" which will instantly revert your Ad's layout back to our original default settings. Also, in case you haven't heard, ALL OUR PREMIUM EQUINE CLASSIFIED ADS ARE NOW FREE THROUGH MARCH 1, 2010!


New Home Page & New Colors

We've added a new home page to our website and have adopted a new color scheme throughout the website.  The new home page features many easily accessible links to all the most important and popular parts of website so that you've almost never more than 1 click away. Our new Home Page also features a large "Rotational Zone" in the upper left hand corner which displays a selection of featured Classified Ads, Pedigrees, Products, Articles, and Community Photos/Videos.  The Home page also prominently features our new "Free Fox Trotter" Contest, a "Did You Know" area, and a section for the most popular WikiHorseWorld links. Last but not least, the new "rich and warm" earth tone color scheme is not only very easy on the eyes, but also makes all the text throughout the website really stand out and much more readable.


New Navigation Menus

We've added a new navigational menu system to the website's main navigation buttons along the top of every web page.  Now all you need to do is hover your mouse on one of these main navigation buttons and a drop down menu of links will appear instantly giving you easy access to all the most popular parts of each major section of WikiHorseWorld.  This same navigational menu system was added to the main navigation buttons on the new home page along the left hand sidebar column. Since WikiHorseWorld is so quickly growing in size and scope, we needed to provide users with a state of the art navigation system so that they could easily and quickly find what they were looking for. 


From now on I'll try hard to make additional posts to this Blog every week or two to keep everyone abreast of all the exciting changes and improvements coming to  Future Blog posts will focus on major new website enhancements already in development including a major enhancement to our Wiki Article section, an Equine Review section, a completely new WikiHorseWorld Community section and much more.  Please feel free to post comments and questions to this Blog and I'll get to them as fast as I can.  However, for even faster response to questions and comments, please consider using the "Contact Us" link located at the bottom of every web page.


Horsefully Yours............don

Don · 2830 days ago
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    Hey, thanks for the update. Things are moving along and it looks like some exciting things are yet to come! I'll keep watching!
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We've had a great start !
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