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Wearing the Correct Horse Riding Boots for the Right Reasons

images.jpgThere are several different kinds of horse riding events or activities. Wearing the correct horse riding boots for a specific reason or style is an essential element of what it means to own and ride horses. Throughout history, most cultures and societies who have used horses eventually came to recognize that special clothing and boots were necessary in order to make the best use of the horse.


There are a large amount of different styles to choose from especially for horse riding boots which are very specific for the activity. You'll quickly discover that different types of riding activities require a particular type of boots. For example, horse jockeys wouldn't wear an ankle-high paddock boot when they are competing in a race. That type of boot wouldn't work for that riding style. A rider in a dressage event rider would use a boot which is slightly different from that of the barrel-racing pony rider. Rodeo competitors typically require boots with a higher than normal heel so they would never wear an equestrian show jumping boot. As you can see choosing the correct boot with the correct fit is quite important.


Much like different events, the diverse conditions of the weather can often time play a significant role in the type of boot as well as the material it will be made from. Boots made specifically for winter riding are somewhat different than riding boots which are intended for summer riding. They also use a different material. You won't require any insulating materials in a summer boot, but you almost certainly will when out winter riding on a trail or up a mountainside.


As you do your research into which style of riding boots would work best for you, you'll notice that many of them have changed over time. Some have kept that classic style and functions over the years while others have slight differences. One example would be the length of the stirrup. If you are show jumping, you'll want a shorter stirrup along with a certain kind style of heeled boot.


As you can see there are many different varieties of boots and styles to match. It is important you consider all these different factors, for example if you are riding during a competitive event or simply for a relaxing ride through the countryside. You'll undoubtedly find the specific boot for whatever your need or desire. It won't be long before you'll be comfortable enough to correctly choose the perfect pair.


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Wearing the Correct Horse Riding Boots for the Right Reasons
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