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so you want to ride in the olympics

phedras de blonde may have been an Olympic possibility  or a back-up horse in case the rider's top young horse did not come along for 2016   the French have routinely eaten horse meat but I think this French import was destroyed dramatically not for meat but to make a point to someone  December 1994 Chicago magazine "horses money and murder"   the owner of an Olympic champion from 1972 found out I was riding jumpers for a certain stables in the Midwest  he looked me in the eye and he said be very careful, these guys are dangerous   an Olympic prospect must be worth 6-10 million for the next Olympics  that is why Debbie stephens would not reveal the horse's price from france as she was probably looking to syndicate this horse if it was olympic quality and you can only determine that by riding and jumping courses like her husband constructs for gran prix...sound preposterous  we shall see

dumbdirtydillon · 606 days ago
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10.27.2015 (606 days ago)
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so you want to ride in the olympics
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