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the 7 ground games

I was introduced to Parelli's Training about a 1 1/2 years ago.  I have been around horses all of my life but I have always had someone else training my horses.  A trainer introduced me to Parrlli's and it changed how I interact with my horses.  Parelli has 7 ground games that allows the individual and the horse to trust and respect each other and that trust and respect on the ground then transfers when the rider get in the saddle.  The Games are 1. The friendly game  2. Porcupine game 3. The driving game 4. The Yo-Yo game 5. The Circle Game 6. Sideways game 7. The Squeeze game.

tomkait · 2762 days ago
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    I have see some of the results of Parelli Training and it seemed pretty impressive. Does training include the use of a "clicker"? If so, how does that work? Also, when riding the horse, are the signals used by the rider different from the "typical" signals? If so, could you give some examples. Thanks
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11.30.2009 (2762 days ago)
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the 7 ground games
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