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phedras de blonde may have been an Olympic possibility  or a back-up horse in case the rider's top young horse did not come along for 2016   the French have routinely eaten horse meat but I think this French import was destroyed dramatically not for meat b
dumbdirtydillon · 366 days ago

My new horse tosses her head about. Not high enough to hit the rider but it is annoying while your are riding her.  Any suggestions?  Please need help. Her teeth have been worked on recently. Racingmaltese
Racingmaltese · 547 days ago

What do Frank Bell, Extension and Free Special Bonus have in common? The Holistic Horsemanship Webinar Series!   That's right!  First of all we are thrilled to announce that International Horse Whisperer, Frank Bell is joining the line up.  He will be sha
reachout · 1052 days ago

If the answer is "Yes", then you'll definitely want to hear this news!
 2012's Horse Whispering Defined Webinar series was a phenomenal experience in so many ways.  With the help of 4 other extraordinary folks in the world of horsemanship, I revealed hours
reachout · 1084 days ago

The Online Photo Horse Show is for EVERYONE and ANY equine ANYWHERE! 68 class's offered! Winner from each division of class's will be judged and 1 equine picked for ONINE GRAND CHAMPION! Online show started June 1st and will end August 4th! $3.00 per class
Spottedhorse · 1233 days ago

Introducing Aligned Body Horsemanship "Amongst ingrained equestrian circles I became known as a bit of a maverick...but many horsey people "got" what I was saying, and gained amazing results with what I was teaching.  Eventually the number
Clelandhorseman · 1240 days ago

Although pregnancy is a natural process for horses, it is not without some risks to the animal. Breeders do not want to invest time and money in their brood mares only to have the mare abort due to undue stress. While mares are often sent over long distanc
JennyHogan · 1260 days ago  or call 570-966-0564 or 570-939-5840       Only a one time $40.00 fee is required! Ages 6 and up and volunteers needed
Wagner · 1264 days ago

If a mare is in good health and the pregnancy is progressing normally, there may be no need to make changes to her routine immediately. As she gets closer to the delivery date, she will need some special care. The cost of boosters, deworming, and other cos
JennyHogan · 1268 days ago

What's wrong with this picture? Join Anna and Special Guests for  A Benefit for Nurse Mare Foals April 26, 7pm - Le Chateau Restaurant, S. Salem, NY    Babies don't nurse from other babies.  Their mothers are nurse mares. Nurse mare foals are, primarily, a
reachout · 1286 days ago
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Hi! I am the Webmaster for WikiHorseWorld. This blog will most likely contain announcements about changes to the website.
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After nine months of being pregnant its nice to finally get on my gelding Spider and feel great to know that 5 years of training, Spider still knows his stuff. :D
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Blue eyed horses, gypsies and Fox trotters. My favorite. talk about anything under the sun about horses. I love learning new things.
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Training Horses and Handlers in the Art of Physical and Emotional Balance.
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Stretch the Horse - adopting and training a draft cross colt (gelding) born in North Dakota at a former PMU ranch and being trained in Houston, TX
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