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  Hi! this is me just randomally talking about gypsies. They have so many names and everyone has a different experience and POV of them, its amazing and exciting.   I go and email different breeders and ask them their experience with the gypsy breed, some
Southernfoxbell · 2269 days ago

My blog is about the adventure of training, using and competing gaited horses at the 50 and 100 mile distance in endurance horse racing/riding.  In a sport dominated by the fine Arabian breeds, we are trying to explore just what is possible. Keith Kibler S
Keith · 2172 days ago

Amun-Ra was born 06/06/2011 at 8:30pm. He came as a blessing and surprise. He was born healthy that is what matters.       He is a cross between an APHA mare and a spotted mountain horse. He is my joy. I was there from the moment my mare went into labor to
Southernfoxbell · 2193 days ago

Very few experiences in life are as scary yet rewarding as climbing into the saddle for the very first time. I remember feeling so intimidated of the thought of climbing on to such a huge animal; I remember thinking what if he doesn’t want me sitting on hi
Horsedotcom · 1542 days ago

Who doesn't love a little ride in the snow? Down here in the South, the first breath of winter has blown on us and I am enjoying it, I can tell you that. The horses seem to like it, too. Who else has gotten a little snow lately? Who would have thought it w
FortLarnedForever · 1671 days ago

My neice just got back from horse riding camp and she had a great time. I found this article on Statelinetack.com and thought maybe someone else may find it handy:   Do you have a child who loves being around horses? They enjoy the sights, sounds and exper
JordanS · 1821 days ago

Not all horses need to wear shoes. In fact, some horses experience less hoof-related problems by going barefoot. The only drawback with a barefoot horse is the lack of hoof protection can sometimes lead to injury from hard surfaces, sharp stones, and other
Horsedotcom · 1822 days ago

Clicker Training with S.M.A.A.R.T. Horses Horse Behaviour With Amanda you will learn how to read horse body language (horse behaviour), interpret what this means, then make positive changes to your day-to-day interactions and your training accordingly.  
Amanda_Martin · 1982 days ago

I would like to share this video of our foal Darkstars Orion Prodigy. The file size is to big for the video section on this site so here is a link to the video on you tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=001a9S2FW6M Miniature horses can be a lot of fun. I
Darkstar · 2361 days ago

I'd like to apologize for the recent spam posts in the blog section. The accounts have been suspended, the posts removed, and we will continue to monitor the situation more closely in the coming weeks. Be advised that we monitor the website closely, and wi
draxxon · 2397 days ago
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