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I was born Doreen Austen in Basingstoke Hampshire, UK in 1962, later at 3 years old, i moved to the south coast, Lee on Solent, Hampshire. My father was a watch maker & Jeweller. This is where my passion started for horses, at the age of 5 years old. By the time i was 9 years old, i had my own horse, and then there was no stop in me, horses was my life. As time went on and i grew, and then left school, it was my future only with horses. I was a nanny and & groom in north wales for a while, then i miss the south coast, so i just had to go back. So looking for a job once again, yep i got the good one, working for the Queen Mother Jockey, Bill Smith. Ok now i was with race horses, good fun. Then i met my first husband, so this came to an end, and the marriage. Now 43 years later, i have married again and live in Spain with the Spanish Andalusian Horse. The first page from book Out of his romantic past, he comes. He has carried kings and conquered continents. He was painted by the greatest painters of all our times. Poets have sung his name aloud in a thousand voices. His handsome beauty is unmatched. In the entire world, no horse has stepped with such pride. He is all of these things and much more. And for some glorious miracle, today he comes to us unchanged. He is the pure Andalusian horse; he is the noble one. I first started writing in 1997, The Bourke Parakeet and I am still the only one to have written on this bird today. I have had a long break and now I have made a comeback with this new book, The History of the P.R.E Andalusian Horse. They are one of the oldest pure-breed horses of today and well known to the world, as I am again the only one to write their history in a form of a book. My inspiration was to write something different from all the horse books you can buy; not about riding or how to keep a horse as there is so many out there today, but to write something about the history on the horse I admire. The book explains all about what they have been used for, where they came from, where they have gone over the years, and what they are today, with the events of their Spanish life. My book puts the Andalusian under the spot light; as they stand out from many other breeds, this book will sell very well, especially in Spain. It was back in 1995 when I first came to Spain, and had the pleasure to ride the Andalusian horse. Some years later, I decided to move to Spain (2004) and it was not long before I was back riding the famous Andalusian horse. Because of all the time I had spent with this beautiful horse, I then knew I had to write this book. It was not just about the passion of riding them; I wanted to find out all their history, and so I did. Now there is a book that focuses on this delightful, colourful breed. I have brought a fresh approach to the history of the Andalusian horse, together with the many full-colour photographs that illustrate the text, which has resulted in a book that will be appreciated by horse lovers. When I moved to Spain in 2004 from the U.K., the only place to head for was, of course, inland in the south of Spain to Andalusia, where I could find the pure Andalusian horse. I have been riding horses for forty-three years, so after coming to Spain and meeting the fantastic Andalusian horse, I definitely wasn't going to stop. Now with my book, I can share them with the entire world. I enjoy writing about my interests; it makes my interest so much more enjoyable. The book will tell you their history, and what they have been used for since cave times, as their history started on the cave walls. The most colourful and enjoyable part of this book I have to say is looking at the typical Andalusian Spanish life. The history of the Andalusian will go on, my Spain, my horses, my friends. This book is about the Andalusian horse, the oldest pure bred horse in the World. He is the most admired horse, the most fantastic temperament, the most beautiful horse in the world, just look at the pictures in my book. This horse has come a long way, started on cave walls in 5,000bc, and now he is one of the best classical dressage horses. They are not built for speed, they just like to dance. I have spent many years with the Andalusian horse, and you would never believe there temperament, you could put a 2 year old on his back, and he would just plod. Then they started to cross breed, and the temperament went. They become a little nasty, not like the Rasa Pura Espana (the pure. P.R.E. Andalusian) There are many breeders in Spain today that will keep the blood line going, Of the noble one The Andalusian Horse. This book took me 2 years to write, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I would say if you like horses you are going to love this book. The Andalusian is of great spirit, great courage, and docile, hath the proudest trot and the best action in his trot, the loftiest gallop, and is the lovingest and gentlest horse and fit ingest of all for a king in a day of triumph . . . much more intelligent than even the best Italian horse and for that reason, the easiest dressed. It has such beauty, proud, bearing, natural high action, and docile loving temperament. He is strongly built, yet extremely elegant with cat-like agility and whilst he presents a picture of splendid animation, he is at all times amenable to the person riding or handling him.
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