The Story Of Schrei
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Hello Im Rachel i use to know this horse he was wild no one could get near him cause he was so mean he would try to bite who ever was near his pen. My best friends dad was near his pen and he was throwing a massive tantrum and i was walking behind her dad and Schrei stopped and jumped the fence her dad took after him and all he did was run to me and stop next to me he walk with me and Misty everyday i was there he walk with us until one day he decided it was time i didnt walk he went down on his front knees and i asked him if he wanted me on his back he nodded his head. So i asked Misty's dad Todd if i could and he said i could so i got on his back and Todd came near and he was so upset and he was trying to pretect me from Todd and we ran to the arena and rode for hours i promised him i would be back the next day and a month later..., I was told me and my family were moving to Kansas City and i ran to his stall and told him everything she said and he understood what i said cause he was so upset to upset he was rearing and even had tears in his eyes he kicked  reared and even kicked holes through the stall walls he was so upset so i said we would have one last ride and he stopped and got down on his knees and let me on his back.But that one last ride was the ending of a life time i left the next mornig but before i left i gave Schrei one last carrot and on last pat and one last kiss and he tried so hard to keep me there with him after that i got a call a week later from Misty she was crying and it was Schrei. So i had my mother drive me down there and he was so skinny i asked if they were feeding him they said yes but he wouldnt eat he was to upset he saw me and tried to get up but couldnt he was to week hestarted closing his eyes and i fell to my knees i couldnt belive the horse i loved was dying right there in front of me i got him to eat some and then he got up slowly so i took him out to the pasture to his girl Daisy and she was so upset to see him in that conditionhe layed down on his side and i layed down next to him and he died in my arms i cried for 6 years i still cry everyday cause its my fault he died its my fault he quit eating and drinking. But the saddest thing is is he died in my arms the only horses i ever loved.

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Hi Rachel:

I know how much it hurt you to loose the horse you loved, but it would be good if you could get to the point where you no longer felt guilty about it.  It was not your fault.  Just remember that he loved you too and you brought some special moments into his life.  He also knew that you were there when he had to say goodbye.

I had a horse when I was 13.  His name was Sire. He was my best friend and we were together every day.  I would get up at 4:00 in the morning to be with him and we stayed together all day until I had to come in at night.  We went everywhere and did everything together.  He wouldn't let other people ride him; if a girl got on him he would barely walk; if a man or boy got on him he would buck like crazy.  I told him all of my secrets and when I was sad, we would walk together and I would cry with him.

One day my mother came to me and told me we had no money.  It was winter and my sister and mother were both sick.  The house was cold because we had no heat.  The only thing I had to sell and help my family pay the heat bill was my best friend.  My heart broke when I sold him, but I had to do what was right for my family.  It took me 6 years too, to finely forgive myself.  I still think of him even today and miss him, but I know that it was not my fault.

You will find another horse one day that you can put all your love into.

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Savannah thank you so much for that you made me relize it isnt my fault i had to move or my fault he stopped eating and drinking and that he died thank you so much and i am looking for a horse a gelding but not a young one or to old of one but like a 10 mabey 15 year old for cheap though i am only 13 so i cant pay much but i can pay like 100 maybe 150 but it will be hard  to make the money i dont get payed allowance like most kids. And i dont have friends like most kids either i live a life with a rabbit that i love dearly and she is for sale oh im going to miss her i just cant handle it when my brothers beat on her when she's out of her cage so email me if any =one is looking to buy a female rabbit worth 200 dollars. she's a Albino New Zeland rabbit

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Thank you for your story, it brought tears to my eyes.  I too often forget what wonderful animals i have around me and how lucky I am to be able to love them.  Please don't blame yourself, you loved him so much, probably more than he had ever been loved before.  The fact that you still hold him in your heart is tribute to the life you guys shared together.  I hope you find the horse your looking for and have another loving relationship to remember Schrei by.

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