Horse's Tail Going Bald - HELP!
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Hey Everyone I went out to look my horses over yesterday and almost fainted when I saw that my mare's tail had almost no hair in a section of her tail.  The area begins a couple of inches below the dock, is about 2 inches wide and about 8 inches long. I don't see any problems (so far) on any other part of her body.  Does anyone know the best way to proceed in treating her?  I could really use your help!

Below is a picture.....Thanks


Horse Tail going Bald



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Hi Grace

Your horse tail problem may be caused by the need for worming, caused by ticks, lice, or a combination of these.  If you have been worming but aren't getting good results try using Quest wormer.  Quest will purge all worm types; then every three to four months rotate wormers using Panacur, Ivermectin, and Quest.  Each type of wormer works a little differently and the cost varies.  Then to sooth the area on her tail where she has been rubbing you might try Aloe skin gel. Avoid using oinments that are greasy or smell flowery as these will attract dirt and more insects.  Remove any ticks you see by hand.  Finally, to help prevent ticks, flies, and lice you might try a product called Poridon.  It is expensive, but it is a good product and will last a while.  Keep an eye on her and let us know how things are going.   Good Luck!

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Thanks a lot, SavannahBreeze, I am taking your advice... I re-wormed my mare with Quest, removed a couple of ticks, used Poridon for flies, ticks, lice, soothed her skin with aloe skin jell, and gave her lots of love.  Now I will keep an eye on her.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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Update on my horses tail.   The Vet came out to check on one of my horses with an allergic reaction to something.  At any rate I had him look at my mare's tail while he was here.  He agreed with your suggestions but added one other idea; to wash the affected area with betadine wash several days in a row.  He said that the area had built up some scar tissue and may or may not grow back some of all of the hair.

Thanks again for the help when I needed it.

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