3rd Annual Online Photo Horse Show
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The Online Photo Horse Show is for EVERYONE and ANY equine ANYWHERE! 68 class's offered! Winner from each division of class's will be judged and 1 equine picked for ONINE GRAND CHAMPION! Online show started June 1st and will end August 4th! $3.00 per class per equine. 3 judges will judge all pictures and give points to each equine - equine with the most points for that particular class will be declared the winner of that class! Cash Awards, variety of Prizes, certificates & ribbons will be awarded!

You do not have to be a member of any association to participate. This show is sponsored by the International Spotted Horse Registry Association for the 3rd year in a row! Your equines can be any age, size, sex and can be located anywhere in the world!

A person does not need to leave home, rent a stall, pay for a trip or fuel, no need to travel! Please read the rules/regulations and classes from the website of ISHR at:  www.spottedhorseregistry.com and if you need additional information or help you can email: ishrppa@aol.com or pintaloosa53@aol.com - even the entry form is located on the website! Look for the link "online horse show" for information and the link "entry form" for entering your equine.

All information can be emailed to the association - class forms, fees and photo's. ISHR does take PAYPAL or checks from within the U.S. are acceptable. All other countries please pay by postal money order.

All photo's become the property of the ISHR unless a self-addressed stamped enveloped is supplied to send the photo(s) back.

You can also read more about this show from our facebook page too!


We hope to see many of your equines in one of the class's! Everyone has had such fun with this show each year & each year we get more participants! We hope to top last year of 78 entries! We would love to reach our goal of 100 entries!

THANK YOU!Laughing

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