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Hello everyone!  I was hoping to get some feedback regarding quality publications and websites where it would be a wise idea to advertise our services.  I am hoping to focus on the Midwest, and in particular, the Chicagoland area.  I am an equine insurance specialist for Lundstrom Insurance Agency in Elgin, Illinois and we are looking to expand our name brand awareness for this focus.  As an agency, we have been a local presence since 1956 but would really love to take to a new level.


Any and all feedback and recommendations would be VERY much appreciated.


Thank you!!

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Great to have you with us! I know that equine insurance can be a very worthwhile investment, especially for those of us who do a great deal of traveling with our horses or who show, race or compete with them.  They are not just our friends;  they also hold great value in many cases.  Thank you for your service.


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Thank you for the kind note Linda, I appreciate it.  Your fox trotter is beautiful by the way.  Have a nice night.

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There are only three primary places where you absolutely must advertise your horse related insurance which are WikiHorseWorld, WikiHorseWorld, and WikiHorseWorld :)

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