Best of the Best! Any Opinions?
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Ok, so I just bought a new reining mare, and since she is my first competition horse...well I spoiled her a bit.

I recently purchased Dumor Fly spray, and love it. No stink, and the flys ROLL off the horse. I do apply daily, but where I live the flies are bad.

I also started feeding her Life Design Complete. It is a decent priced feed from the local stores that is NOT dripping in molassas, or super dry and dusty, also smells great, i've thought about tasting it.


So I just wondered what everyone else used, & why. Anything goes, not just feed and/or flysray.

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have you ever tried a little garlic in the feed it helps with the flies and also ar you activly showing and working her if so have you thought of a performance feed and keep spoiling her every horse deserves to be spoiled...Smile

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I buy just about any kind of fly spray and add an ounce or two of rubbing alcohol. Flies die quickly.

I use nutrena 10/10 feed because I have older horses and like the high fat. I don't need any special older horse feed or additives because for hay we feed TriForage and Chaffhaye.

The only part of the above I would call the best of the best is the chaffhaye but I like the other stuff too.

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I know I'm a little late for this forum post, but maybe you will read it anyways, next flie season is not too far away anymore. I would like to agree with the person who recommended the garlic, I've had very good results with that too, and additional to that I would like to mention that it also works to keep ticks and fleas off, plus it has the same effect on the horses health and wellbeing like it does for humans. Biggest advantage - no chemicals.

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I like the fly sheets with some fly spray rubbed on horse first with a soft rag.  I spray the flyspray on the rag and rub it on him, legs, tail, etc. then put on his fly sheet.  Horses don't like the spray in the air or the sound of a trigger spray.  That's why I apply it this way.  The flysheet also prevents dirt stains and sun fade to the horses coat.

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