Free Horse Care & Health App
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Hi everyone,


I just wanted to share an App that I have created. It is FREE!!!


I hope you all like it, please let me know what you think.


If you do like it, could you please leave positive feedback on GooglePlay.


Thank You so much.


Enjoy :o)


Know Your Horse (Free) - Android Apps on Google Play


Know Your Horse (Free)

Living Horses
Know Your Horse (Free)


Horse Health & Care.
Normal Vital Signs, Points of the horse and more...

*** This is a FREE Version ***
Know Your Horse's Vital Signs.
Easy to navigate topics including Normal Vital Signs, Temperature, Respiration.
Points of the horse to help describe locations on your horse.
First Aid / Emergency kit items.


Search words:
Horse Health, Horse Care, Horse Vitals, Caring for Horses, First Horse,

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App Screenshots

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This application has access to the following:

  • Network communication
    full Internet access
    Allows the app to create network sockets.

Living Horses! For the LOVE of Horses!!!!
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Here is the link,

Living Horses! For the LOVE of Horses!!!!
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Hi Livinghorses:


Great post!  I may give your app a try once I get my android.  I currently have a phone with absolutely no features:(  Thanks for sharing............Linda

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