Great Horse Books
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Hello all,


I wanted to ask all of you to share your favorite horses books (and please tell why they are your favorite), as well as introduce my book, ON THE BACK OF A HORSE: Hartnessing the Healing Power of the Human-Equine Bond.



Claire Dorotik M.A., author, ON THE BACK OF A HORSE: Hartnessing the Healing Power of the Human-Equine Bond

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I have many favorites. One is "Horse, Follow Closely: Native American Horsemanship" by GaWaNi Pony Boy.

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He shares a gentle wisdom.  I find the book peaceful...

Thanks for asking

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Snowman by Rutherford G. Montgomery.    This is an inspiring true tale of a horse headed for slaughter that became a world champion jumper.   It is being made into a movie!    I read this book in the eight grade (60's) and have always loved it!



King of the Wind by Margeuritte Henry    Yes - it's a children's book.   Beautifully illustrated, unforgettable story of the origina of the Thoroughbred.


National Velvet by Enid Bagnold   This book was so exciting and inspiring to me as a young girl!


Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley.   This is a great book of fiction told by a woman who clearly knows and loves horses.

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old books now, but loved them as a child. just found it again last week and reading now.


'The Messenger' series by monic dickens.  just loved the fantasy history part of them. ;o)

Living Horses! For the LOVE of Horses!!!!
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War Horse is great. The Black Stallion is a must-read.

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The Soul Of the Horse by Joe Camp is an excellent book.  Inspired by Ray Hunt... "I'm always here for the horse"


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