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Help Me...
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I am new here and I can't find my thread that I started. Why? How do you read your posts etc. I am just having a hard time finding things on this site.

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Welcome.....sorry that your forum post/thread does not appear to be listed.  Please don't give up...We truly want your input.


Do you remember what the topic of your thread was?  Are you sure you saved the thread?  I looked for it and could not find it either, however your request for help is visible so I'm not sure what might have happened.


After entering and saving your Forum post, subscribe to it.  You should then be notified when other respond and it gives you another way to locate your posts.  You should be able (after log in) go to the Community and click on either "My Topics", "Spy", or "Subscribed Topics" to find your threads.


Hope this helps, however, if I can be of more help you are welcome to ask thru the Forums, contact me in the Community members (I'm "Linda),  or anyone can email me directly to ask questions at

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