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For those of you who use Hay Nets to feed your horses, but get frustrated trying to hold the hay net open while stuffing in the hay, I found that a large - left over mineral barrel (often used for cattle minerals) works perfectly.  If you don't have cattle you can often buy one of these barrels at a mineral feed store for a couple of dollars or cut a full sized plastic barrel in half.










Empty Barrel
























Spread Hay Net over barrel



















Stuff the Hay Net, tie up the top of the netting, remove the net from the barrel and hang the net (above shoulder height) using a clamp.











Note:  Hang the netting high enough to prevent your horse from getting a foot caught and low enough to avoid particles from dropping in your horses eyes.

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After a poultice is applied to a hoof, cover with a babys nappy! The poultice will be protected from wear and tear by the padding, also you will use less silver tape to hold it on with :)

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Sorry....not sure what a baby's nappy is? ;))

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I believe a baby nappy is a diaper. That's what we use at my barn. And then duct tape!

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Haha a diaper got lost in transltion :P sorry nappy is the the word we use over here ( Maybe it derrived from napkin- buttnapkin!) 

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lol....Thanks guys....sorry for the ignorance......:)

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Need to clean a small to medium sized area of your horse's skin due to rain rot, fungus, stubborn stains or injury?  How about their legs, hooves, mane or tail?  I found a very handy tool at my local grocery store that costs only a few dollars...






This scrub brush is sold at grocery stores for cleaning pots and pans, but I found it to be of tremendous help in cleaning and treating my horse.


Just add a small amount of the cleaning or treatment fluid into the center, finish filling with clean warm water, and pop the rubber top on.  When you're ready to clean or treat press down on the center of the rubber top (which presses on the plunger below it to dispense the fluid) and scrub the area. 


Rinse as needed


Note: The brush is firm enough to be effective but soft enough to treat crusty wounds.  Just take your time and be gentle.


Note: Rinse entire brush and container thoroughly between uses.






Hope this tip is of help:)


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Do you ever need to flush dirt or debrie from your horse'e eye with eye wash?  I have, but I found it really scary because the hard tip of the bottle was always a looming danger.  So, I transferred the eye wash into a tiny baby bottle (used for small babies like kittens) that has a soft rubber nipple.


I am now able to safely wash out my horses eye without fear of injury.




You can buy the bottle individually or with additional nipples & scrubber.

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