How do I locate an AQHA horse I sold
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Is there a site I can use to locate the current owners of an AQHA gelding I sold in 2003 in CA. His name is Second Chance Chex. He was foaled in 2001 and I would really like to find his current owners. If you have any information that would help me, please e-mail me at:  Thank you. Cherie Mars


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Hi Cherie:


I've looked around and couldn't find any information onf "Second Chance Chex" so far but I have two ideas for you.


1. If your quarter horse is registered you could contact the AQHA and inquire who the current owner of record is.


2. If the horse is not registered, you could post a Free "Horse Wanted" Classified on this website and hope for someone to see the post.  If you have any pictures it might help folks recognize him even if they don't know his name.


If I think of anything else I'll let you know.   Good luck!..........Linda

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Dear Linda,

It was so kind of you to try to help me find my AQHA gelding Second Chance Chex.

I did call AQHA monday and believe it or not, he is still showing in my name so any new owners have not transferred him.

I am going to visit family in CA soon, so I thought I'd hit all the feed and tack stores in Norco and check out all the horse publications and ads in them and see if I might locate him that way. If not, I can run an inexpensive ad in them and maybe the owner will contact me.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again,


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If you're going to put up any flyers in CA while you visit, you might want to include a photo (if you have one).  Like they say..."a picture is worth a thousand words":) 

I look forward to hearing how it's going. 

If all else fails perhaps you can keep checking back with the AQHA and hope that the current owners get his records updated.


Best of luck....I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. ..........Linda

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