Howdy from a newbie
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My name is Keith Kibler. My wife and I raise, train and most especially endurance race gaited horses in endurance. We use twhs and mfts.  I joined to support the pedigree work being done here and will be adding to it for both our breeds.

Keith Kibler

Shawnee Sunrise Farm

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Hi Keith:


Welcome "Newbie" :) both you and your wife.  I am Linda, one of the owners of  Wonderful to have you aboard!  Thank you so much for your support in our efforts to build finest - most comprehensive - global - Equine Pedigree Resource on the internet.  Your input will be most valuable and most appreciated.............Linda

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Hello, I too am also new.  I have a 10yo TB Mare, Native Star, aka, Dancer.  I am from East San Diego County.  Someone saw my sales add for her and suggested that I join this site.  I had never heard of it, I belong to another forum for the last 4 years.  I looked around this one and I really like it. 


I hope that I meet a lot of nice, knowledgable people on here.  I have come here to learn, I do not take things personally but also do not like drama. 


There pic's of my girl on my profile.  I plan on putting her pedigree up also.




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