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Hi all...I'm in need of some good advice. I've never owned a horse before, and my husband and I are looking to buy one. I am partial to the Arabian breed, hubby is partial to Quarter Horses, so we are looking at a cross of both breeds. What should we be looking for to insure we are buying a good quality horse? Also what do we need to do to prepare our land for our new arrival? As I am new to all of this I'm sure I will be coming back for more advice. :) Thanks!!

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Hi London,  Glad to have you with us...Here is my two cents...hope it helps.  How you proceed will depend on your riding experience level.  However, assuming that you and hubby are beginners to intermediate here is what I would recommend.  Step 1.  Gather a few good books (include books on feeding & nutrition, care & maintenance, shelter. 2. You will want to locate a trusted large animal vet near you and plan that whatever horse you purchase will be seen by a vet.  If the horse is too far away to see your vet before purchase, get a vet certificate of health through the seller prior to taking possession of the horse  3. You will need to find a farrier too.

The horse Arab Quarter cross is one of many great cross choices and they can be registered thru the International Arabian Horse Association.  It is a good idea to bring a friend that knows a fair bit about horses with you regardless of your own knowledge.  It is exciting to begin the selection of buying a horse and it doesn't hurt to have someone with you who is, not only knowledgable but is also not emotional about the horses you look at.  You, your husband, and hopefully your friend, should all ride the horse.  Be sure that the horse is correct for your riding level.

By the way there are some really nice Arab Quarter cross horses here in the classifieds and for some great prices too.  Here is a link to the classifieds:


Also, our new horse trainer may be able to help as well.  Here is a link to Christy's Horse Trainer pages:


Good Luck.... let us know how things progress.

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Ashley, thank you for the advice. You mentioned studying some good books, are there any in specific you can recommend? Also my husband would be considered an intermediate rider, and I am definitely a beginner, is it possible to find a horse that suits both riding levels? Thank you!

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Hey London, This is Grace.  Thought maybe I could help a little.  One thing you may want to consider is to take a few riding lessons either by yourself or with your hubby.  This will help to increase your skills in preparation for your new horse and will give, you, your husband and your riding instructor a better idea of what level of horse is best for you.

Don't forget that also has a wonderful trainer on board (Christy) who could answer some questions for you.  I also believe I read that Christy lives around Bolivar, Missouri; so if you live anywhere around there she might be able to give you some riding lessons herself.  Here is a link to one of her pages:

Also, I did a little looking around the website and found a few items that might help.  If you click on the "Article" button on the top of any page, you will find that has loads of articles on horses, so you may want to look around yourself. However, I found a couple of articles that offer a few tips; one on "Getting Started With Horses" and "Buying and Selling a Horse":


I also looked in the Tack Shop and they have 360 pages on horse books and magazines.  I'm, sure you will find what you need there.    Here is a link:


Good luck.... hope this helps



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Grace, thank you for the advice. I will definitely be reading the articles you have links to, and do some looking around in some of the articles wikihorseworld has to offer.

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