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Hey all:

I'm a new owner of an Arab-TB Cross.  I've been riding for about 35 years and been leasing the last 5.  I decided it's time to step up to the plate with ownership.


My girl has had basic training (well done) but I want to make sure I try to teach her as much as possible to be fun to ride, not just work and fun.


Are there any books you can recommend for both what I can work with her on and any tack that may be helpful?  The previous owners had been using a homemade version of a training fork and it appears to be working well with her headset, but is this something I have to continuously use?  As I said, I am a new owner; all of my leases have come with their tack so I don't know what to 'start' with (if anything).  Oh, but I shoud say I do already have a saddle, pads, bridle, etc.  Just nothing beyond the basics.


Any help is very appreciated!!

Lori B
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