Tips for beginners on handling and safety!
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Hello, I think this would be a great topic for everyone to share thier tips for the beginner horse person! We were all beginners at one point! I have listed my link to the article I wrote today that shows a few videos and gives a little info on why safety and proper handling is important.


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Please join and share my page with others! And dont forget to post here any tips you may have to stay safe!



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Well there asre so many!!  I am not a newbie, but my horse is green and I have never trained a horse before.  So I watch a lot of videos, ask people with more knowledge a lot of questions, have people with more training than me to show me things when I get stuck (lunging), etc.  And practice praxctice practice.  If it doesn't feel right, it's not.

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Thanks Sara.... Great topic.  I will "Subscribe" to this topic so I can stay informed.


I think one very important step for beginners is to take some time developing trust between you and your horse.  This is an ongoing process but this really pays off when something happens to your horse and he/she needs your help (like an injury).  I currently have a horse (Grace) with a rather severe eye injury which requires treatment 6 times per day.  If she didn't trust me this task would be nearly impossible.


At the same time be sure to work on gaining your horses respect.  There are lots of books on the subject....Good luck to everyone.  And thanks Sara, I'll check out your blog...Linda








   My baby, Grace.














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sara went to your blog site it tell me it has been removed. is this right?

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