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My horse pulls and breaks almost every halter when we start to tie her in the trailer. The only way she dont is if i put 2 halters on her but she still tries to. How do i correct this problem?




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Hey stephen, this sounds like a pretty dangerous problem, not to mention frustrating!  This problem may require a more knowledgeable person than I, so I recommend that you address your question to WikiHorseWorld's professional trainer.  Her name is Christy, and she shares her experience and knowledge with WikiHorseWorld members free.  Here is a link to ask her your question.  Good luck!

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Thanks Ashley. It is dangerous cause she smashed my son when we loaded her the other day. He'sokay tho, just a few bruises.

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I'm not sure how the horse is breaking the pulling against the ties?  Is there a bar that goes across her bottom behind her after loading?  Load her than secure the bar to avoid her backing up movement before securing the halter in the front.  Also, is the tie you attatch to the halter too short?  She should have some head movement.  Are you using hay at her head?  Give her something to munch on.  She has fear, and addressing the fear will help.  Does she walk into the trailer, or fight and get forced in/out? 

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Asking a professional trainer for help is probably your best bet. It sounds like she needs to be re-trained in loading because yes it is a dangerous problem but it must also be very distressing for the horse. These kind of fear based problems takes a lot of patience. I would'nt allow any children or novice handlers to assist in loading if it has become so dangerous.
Although in the meantime I would advise tying loops of twine to the ring or bar that your tying the leadrope to, this way if she freaks and pulls she will break the twine instead of the headcoller. If a horse pulls hard enough to break a headcollar they might damage their Poll. until you get professional help though I would advise gently and patiently loading her up (Dont close the ramp or anything) and unloading her.

You might need to devote time to this daily until she relaxes more. Look into natural horsemanship solutions to help with this problem, if she starts to relax when travelling then she will relax when being loaded and unloaded. 
When she does calm down in the trailer keep your driving in mind also, leave early for shows so you can Sunday Drive and take things handy.

Hope the problem resolves soon.
Oh I forgot to say to always wear a helmet and gloves- its beter to er on the side of caution. 

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