Warning to members - possible scam buyer inquiry
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Hi Everyone...I am Linda, one of the owners of WikiHorseWorld.  It has come to our attention that one member has been sending the identical inquiry regarding Classified ad sales to multiple sellers, which we feel is an unusual behavior for a truly interested buyer.  So, if you have received contact from this individual, please proceed with caution.  This person has been temporarily blocked from further contact with our members until we have a chance to verify his legitimacy.


User name:  allan09


Text inquiry being sent is:


Hello, I came across your ad and I'll like to know the following questions regarding the ad. Q#1.How old is the horse, what is its date of birth? Q#2.What is the Height and weight. Q#3.Owners name/asking price/phone number. Q#4.How many people previously owned this horse? Q#5.Why is s/he selling the horse? Q#6.What is this horse's illness and injury history? Q#7.Do you accept a (PayPal)as a mode of payment. I'll like to have the response to these question in your earliest convenience....Hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day. Allan Wyman.


If you have any additional information to share to the benefit of all members please let me know.


Thank you,


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Yes Linda i recieved one today from this allen person plz let me know if its lajit or not thought it seemed funny...

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