Your horse's funny or not so funny quirks
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I wanna know what your horse's funny or not so funny quirks are.


My gelding, Thunder, will push in the panels for the round pen. He also likes to put his head through the panels, and drop his head so he's pushing hard on his throat and make himself choke. Then he coughs and does it again! 

My other horse that I used to own liked to eat oranges, popsicles, sandwichs, pizza crust, necturines, and peaches.


What do your horses like to eat, do, or anything that's unusual for a horse? Cool

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Hi CrzyHorsGrl4evr...this is a fun forum post!  One of my horses liked to chase me around with his feed pan in his mouth until  I feed

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Along with the horses above that are mine, we've had a lot of other horses in the past and I just remembered some of their quirks.


Two of our horses used to play tug of war with an old tire. Then one of the horses would let go and the other would just stand there and bob his head with the tire still clutched in his teeth.


Another horse loved licorice and also tried climbing into the water trough because she loved water so much.


Lastly, another guy would stick his whole head except for his ears into the water trough and blow really big bubbles.


Tongue outLaughing

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We had one that liked to climb her front legs up the mounting block.  We have a mare that loves cheese burgers and my buckskin - Colonel Montgomery Dunbar/aka Butthead loves to grab cell phones.  The worst place he has dropped on is in a manure pile. 

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I used to have a horse that had learned to work the latches for the gates to the round pen and stall. We had to padlock the latches if we wanted to keep him in because he would watch us, and then learn how to operate them.


I also used to know of a horse at the Riding Stable in Paolo Duro Canyon in Texas that would remove the bridles, or halters of the other horses. (The ones awaiting riders) The owners of the stable finally had to keep him in a separate pen so that he couldn't do it. However, the other horses would come to him one at a time and he would remove their halters or bridles. It was actually pretty funny.


At that same riding stable, there was also a horse that sounded like he had asthma, and would wheeze whenever you took him out riding because he was allergic to (get this) HAY!!! I always felt sorry for him, but he didn't seem to mind, and it never did really affect him if he WANTED to do something....



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