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Everyone has there opinion on breeding, but think about this, that grade horse standing in your yard came from somewhere, I always crack up when people say breeding doesn't matter, that is toooo funny, do you think those grade horses fell out of the sky,  believe me they had parents just like everything else, the breeder that matters to me is the one that produces something you can take anywhere, and trust, that you know will not do something stupid to put your life in danger, don't get me wrong, some people don't realize that every reaction you have on your horse will usually affect your horses reaction, we have been breeding good quarter horses for years and trying to breed better, but the only way we could attempt to do this is to go to other people who do the same, in the horse world of today you really do get what you buy, if you pay ten dollars for a weanling it's a gamble especially if there are no papers to tell you where this horse came from, sorry but I can't disagree more with the people who say breeding doesn't matter, I know the economy is bad and only getting worse but look at it this way, a horse costs approximately three thousand per year to feed, this doesn't include all the vet bills, the shoer and more, would'nt you rather put that into something with a pedigree that some out there try so hard to produce than a gamble, I know everyone has an opinion on this, even my own mother says breeding doesn't matter and she was one of the first women jockeys and was around horses all her life also, but as a dream of mine, breeding is important, I've had grade horses and registered horses, depending on what you do with them or do to them usually sums up what they may or may not be. we purchase good registered ones from good breeders and we research what the best cross would be with them, we do not just breed, we breed for specifics on what we need, they are cowy, quick, athletic and have good dispositons, we also look at the bone structure to make sure they can get the job done without quitting on you, this is important because out on the prairie several miles from the trailer would not be a fun walk, just a thought to those who have said breeding doesn't matter, those grade horses did not fall out of the sky, they also had parents, wouldnt you like to know who they were?

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You are right bluecyclone breeding is important. If I ever want to get a grade horse or a mule I wanna know what breed their parents were and who they were. 

Also some people can become careless when it come to breeding animals if they are not being careful.

Like the babies could come out looking deformed,they could accidentaly inheriat a genetic disoeder or disease from one of the parents or both.


Right now there are lots of cats and dogs shelters do to over breeding or that the owners can't take care of them anymore.


Breeding does matter if that person is in the breeding business because if you wanna have your foal to inheriat good traits like: Good body health,nice temperment


and skills from the parents etc... then you got to pay attention to the parents pedigree papers and study them before breed the parents together.





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I understand your point but I disagree at the same time. Just because you have a piece of paper that states bloodlines does not make it a good horse. It is how a horse is handled and treated that makes it a good horse. I have stallions with amazing bloodlines. However, my go to for anything and everything horse is just a grade horse. He does have parents but it doesn't matter to me who they are, what matters is that I can trust him completely. I have also seen horses with great papers that can't be trusted for a second because they were not taken care of and not treated well. The economy is bad and many people cannot afford to take care of their horses and are selling them very cheap; that doesn't make them bad horses.

Breeding matters in the sense that it is done responsibly. Bloodlines do not guarantee a good and/or safe horse.

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