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Hi I recently bought a tennessee walker dark bay a few months back and he is having really bad skin  issues this summer under belly and sheath all scabbed up.  I have had black horses before here in FL and the usual remedies arnt working.   I have kept his top line and coat itch free but what to do about under belly.  Fans dont reach there and the rain collects there making topical oinments mute. Is there a feed supplement that works? Anyone?  Someone mention Dex to me but am getting mixed reviews.  Someone also mentioned apple cider vinegar.

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Have you had any luck with the treatment ideas you have gotten?  Did the Dex help?  Apple cider vinigar?  It sounds like there is lots of moisture this time of year in Florida and no dry place to keep your horse for a period of time.  Maybe keeping the problem area really clean and dry as possible would be of help.


One idea that might help is witch hazel (you can find it at Wal-Mart).  It helps to clear/clean the poors and dry up oooz.


Let me know how things are going and what seems to work for you. 



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Have you tried a lightweight cover?  Then the rain can run off the cover on his sides and avoid his underside altogether.

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