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The site is not letting me enter or add ancestry info.

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Hi, I would like to help if I can.  Please explain more about your experience when attempting to add ancestry or progeny? Give me as many details as you can.   I have been adding pedigrees and I am not running into any problems.    What browser are you using?

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Linda, thanks for your reply.  I figured out how to do it and entered the ancestory for four MFTs including some entries that were missing from the archives.  Hope I can find my way around the site again in the future as it offers some great information. 

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Great Job! .... I am one of the moderators for WikiHorseWorld, so if you run into any other problems or have any questions, please feel free to let me know.



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Hi Jennie, I'm one of the programmers who work here on the pedigree system. If you have any suggestions on how to make things easier to use, we'd love to hear them.


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@ Linda and draxxon

Some of the pedigrees in the arabian section are not accurate.  This is the same problem that arabian researchers have found in other databases where people are allowed to enter information and it is posted without someone looking it over.  Example:  A mare is born in 1874 and it says the sire is born in 1894...obviously this is impossible.  As an avid researcher and someone who promotes sites that have accurate information I would promote your site if the information wasn't so wrong.  It seems like someone just entered information because they could.  I know that others in the arabian forums feel the same way.  Many times it is unfortunate that someone has an amazing site, but because of finances or what have you all the researched and accurate information is lost.  I know how many hours are spent making sure the information is correct.  Don't get me wrong...even the Arabian Registry has it's issues, but not as many and they wouldn't put that a horse was born before it's sire....I would highly recommend this site if there were a safeguard to this issue that we as horse researchers find on other sites as well...I hope that this can be resolved so that I can promote your site to others...

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Hi Arabianresearch:

Thank you so much for your interest in WikiHorseWorld and for your valuable feedback regarding our pedigree system. We truly appreciate your input and any ideas you have to improve the system are more than welcome. We would love it if some of our members were willing to volunteer as moderators to help keep pedigree information accurate. Let's chat via email because we have some ideas about how we could better validate pedigree info to prevent some of these problems. Thanks again and let's see if we can find some solutions together.

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Hi Jennie, I'm one of the programmers who work here on the pedigree system. If you have any suggestions on how to make things easier to use, we'd love to hear them.


 Hello!  I am very new to adding Pedigree information.  When adding the information about the sire/dam of my horses, I have to add information on someone elses horses.  Is this ok?  I do have some information that come directly off the sire/dam's owners website.



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Hi Jennie:

Actually that's exactly how the pedigree works.  The whole idea is that all of our members "together" are a part of building the largest, most accurate, comprehensive, and Free horse pedigree database on the internet.

As you add horses or horse information; if the horse already exists in our database you can edit the horse to add more information, statistics, photos, videos, etc.  If you know of descendants/progeny of a given horse you can add them.  If you see errors in the information already in the database you can make corrections.  All we as is that you are absolutely positive that the information you change/add is correct.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me.


Best Regards,




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